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Welcome to website, one of the best sites to download the latest version of Indus Battle Royale Apk (INDUS APK) before the official launch. Indus Battle Royale (Indus Game) Made-in-India Battle Royale by SuperGaming.

Now play the world’s best new multiplayer Battle Royale game on your smartphone, and take your gaming experience to the next level. INDUS is now Available for both Android and iOS devices, Download INDUS Apk from our website Today.

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About Indus Battle Royale (Indus APK)

Indus Battle Royale with lots of fun is waiting for you. Indus Battle Royale Game developed by an Indian gaming company. It is a multiplayer battleground game available for Android, iOS, PC and consoles. Players from any corner of the world can play this multiplayer game through their mobile, PC or console. All the updates related to this will be made available here. The first 500k pre-registration player will be rewarded with a character in the game for free.

Indus Battle Royale is Combat, Survival, Multiplayer and Battle Ground developed by Super Gaming Company. This game is completely based on the culture and advanced technology of India. Its name includes Sindhu which suggests that it belongs to the Indus Civilization. The theme of the Indus Game is related to the future of the Indus Civilization.

What Is an Indus Game?

Indus game is one type of battle royale game which everyone can play on their phone very easily. Like you all have been playing other battle royale games till now like- PUBG/BGMI. by downloading the apk file of Indus Game and you can easily play this game on your mobile, but keep in mind that your mobile should have 4 GB RAM, because if the RAM is less then running this game will be difficult. It will not be possible and you may have trouble running the game.

Indus Game Pre Registration

Because Indus Battle Royale is a game with very good graphics and no one can beat it, you will need a good mobile so that there is no problem while playing the Indus game. So if you want to play a new type of Indian style battle royale game, then download this game now by clicking on the download button of Indus Battle Royale APK and enjoy the battle royale. This game is going to be better than other Battle Royale.

Indus Game: The Ultimate Battle for Survival

Indus Game Pre Registration

Indus Battle Royale Game is an action packed game that is taking the gaming world by storm. It is a survival game that challenges players to outwait and outwit their opponents in a virtual world. With its high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and intense action, Indus Battle Royale is fast becoming one of the most popular as compared to other games. To download Indus Battle Royale Game, you can download Indus Game Apk by clicking on the button given below.

Indus Battle Royale APK Download (Indus Game APK)

Download Indus Game Apk
Name of GameIndus Battle Royale Apk
PublisherSuperGaming SG
GenreAction (Battle Royale)
File SizeN/A
PlatformPlay Store & App Store
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
Indus Game Release DateComing soon
Official WebsiteSuperGaming SG
Last UpdatedMarch 2024

How To Download Indus Game APK & OBB File For Android

Follow All Steps Given Below To Download the Indus APK+OBB Of Indus Battle Royale for Android.

  1. Open Google, Search IndusBattleRoyale.Net and wait for the site to open.
  2. Click on theDownload Indus Apk ” button that appears.
  3. Wait for download Indus Game.
  4. Once Indus Apk + OBB are downloaded, install the game.
  5. Play and enjoy the game.

Key Features of Indus Battle Royale (INDUS)

The Indus Battle Royale game is becoming very popular for its high quality graphics. The game is visually well designed, with a variety of environments and weapons designed to look realistic. Indus Game Apk Download also has a high selection of characters that the player can choose from with their own unique skills and abilities.

Another great feature of the Indus Battle Royale game is its cool gameplay. The game is designed to be fast paced and intense, requiring players to be quick and strategic in order to survive. The player can also choose from several different modes, each with their own challenges and rewards.

Game Key Features

  • Inspiration from Indian culture with Indian architecture and music
  • Display the island named Virlok as the game map.
  • Players have to survive till the end and collect elements to win the game.
  • Provides range of weapons and gear to choose from
  • Can be played from both first and third person perspective.
  • Developed by Pune based gaming studio Super Gaming.

Main Character of Indus Battle Royale

The Indus battle royale game will introduce a variety of characters so that this game will not become a boring type of game that you play again and again with the same player, Indus game characters are- VOID, NULL, ADYA, BIG GAJ , Sir Taj, Adam. Now the company has introduced so many characters in Indus games so in future players will connect with this game with their unique powers.. Whose name will also be associated with the country of India?

Indus Game Adam
Indus Battle Royale Apk

Best Guns of Indus Battle Royale Game

Super Gaming company has put a variety of guns in this game, including Assault, SMG, Pistol and Sniper, such as A27 Locust, Fate CS10, Tempest CFA, Judgment, Devastator, Vantage and V-Fury. The collection of all these weapons in the Indus Battle Royale game is called the Myth Walker Arsenal. All the weapons in the game will have a new look, which will differentiate them from other games.

Best Gun Indus game
A27 Locust
Indus Battle Royale Apk
Best Gun Indus game
Tempest CFA

How To Play Indus Battle Royale Game

Indus Battle Royale is a game played online like pubg/bgmi and is available for free on various platforms. Players find themselves in a virtual island where they must find weapons and supplies while fighting against their opponents. The object of the game is to be the last man standing on the island, and the player who is able to survive the longest is the winner.

System Requirements for Indus Game

Minimum System Requirements

  • Minimum Storage Space – 2GB Free Space
  • RAM – At Least 4GB For Good GamePlay
  • Internet Connection – Stable Network (Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G)

Maximum System Requirement

  • Storage Space – 4GB Free Space For Extra Graphics
  • RAM – 4 to 6 GB for Good GamePlay
  • Internet Connection – Stable Network (Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G)

What’s new in Indus Game Update

Welcome to INDUS. An indo futuristic Battle Royale where you step into Virlok and battle for glory


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Indus Battle Royale Apk and OBB Game File Download Whatever you say, but this game is becoming very popular due to some important reasons. Which we have mentioned earlier also. Many people are very excited about this game and try to compare this game with PUBG / BGMI or UGW battle royale game but this topic has no meaning because we don’t know yet how good the gameplay and story are And how is it? Now, what do you think about Indus Game APK & Download aka Indus Game APK?

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